Episodes 6: Wayne Messmer would go to space, but…

In this episode, Beth and Wayne discuss:

  •        Going to Mars and surviving those space rations.
  •        The joys of building and sinking a boat.
  •        Tomfoolery as an expansive art.
  •        What it’s like to watch a live launch.
  •        The power of hope.

Key Takeaways:

  •        Everyone wants to see how far they can go, to test the limits of life.
  •        The wonders of the world are as real as you let them be.
  •        There is nothing in the world that can keep you from following your dreams.
  •        Even when you have accomplished all you dreamed of, there is still more to experience.

“I am constantly dreaming with my eyes open.” — Wayne Messmer


About Wayne Messmer:

Wayne Messmer grew up as a “city kid” on Chicago’s Southwest Side. Always practicing “opportunity management” he positioned himself in the right place at the right time for 99% of his life. As the volunteer P.A. Announcer for the Loyola University Hockey Team, the tape recording of the National Anthem broke before a game was about to start, so Wayne stepped up and took the challenge, and the microphone and sang it himself. Messmer’s extraordinary singing career started that very day at a college hockey game… and the rest was history.

As the celebrated National Anthem soloist with the Chicago Blackhawks at the old Chicago Stadium, for 13 seasons in the NHL, and subsequently with the Chicago Wolves, Chicago Cubs and formerly the Chicago White Sox, he became known nationally as, “Chicago’s Voice of the National Anthem.” His signature ending note on the word, “brave,” (on the 5th) has been recognized as his trademark since the 1980’s, and has frequently been copied by other singers ever since.

In 1994, he faced his biggest life challenge after an incident left him with his life and voice in peril. No one knew then if he would survive that fateful spring night, let alone speak or sing again. But his courage, conviction and perseverance brought him to his triumphant performance as “The Voice of Victory” at the 2016 World Series.


Connect with Wayne Messmer:  

Twitter: @WayneMessmer

Website: waynemessmer.com

LinkedIn: @waynemessmer

Youtube: @WayneMessmer