Monthly Archives: October 2016

Soft Skills for Mission Success!

What would it take for you to make your next mission a true success? BETH MEETS YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT in your communication skill level and empowers you to become more effective, more productive, and more polished IMMEDIATELY. If you are exhausted, frustrated or don’t know where to start communicating your BIG IDEA, then […]

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Girl on the Ground

Crisis Communication Observations from an Incomplete Mission. As a NASA spokeswoman, Beth had the difficult task of communicating the tragic Columbia Space Shuttle disaster to the public. During her work in the newsroom that moment, and from the many moments, days and weeks to follow, she captured her observations and shares them with you in […]

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Life Lessons from NASA

A Space Geek’s Story of Love and Adventure. A young girl from a small Midwest town had big dreams to work at NASA someday … so she did. Hard work, heart break and hilariousness are all part of Beth’s inspirational story. Her detailed and vivid accounts of her journey will change your perspective of a […]

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