Monthly Archives: December 2018

Episode 11: Space Journalist & Author Rod Pyle

In this episode, Beth and Rod discuss: How Rod interviews the space experts and writes stories for us all Is there a renewed space race, and is that how reporters should frame the story? The “thing” Rod collected from the Saturn Cassini folks, and the Mars Lander folks at NASA   It took Rod years […]

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Episode 10: Joe DalSanto – The Firsts in Astronomy

After beginning to read about astronomy, Joseph DalSanto wanted to observe the night sky himself. So, he purchased a telescope as a freshman in high school and, during the past 40 years, has developed an in-depth knowledge and familiarity with the night sky due to hundreds of evening observations.   “I’ve used and built numerous […]

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Episode 9: Mark J. Lindquist brings the JOY

In this episode, Beth and Mark discuss: Mark’s life of service. Being nervous versus being excited – defining our energy before we’re in front of audiences What inspired the “Heel Kick Around the World” pictures The Mark J. Lindquist Big Band announcement! Key Takeaways: If you are going to Hawaii and want to learn to […]

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