Monthly Archives: March 2019

Episode 17: Two Astronaut Lectures in a Week!

In this episode, Beth and Chad review two astronaut lectures they attended this week: Working at NASA with astronaut coworkers. Captain Mark Kelly and Colonel Frederick Gregory. Following a mission checklist. Being adventurous and curious. Key Takeaways: Cpt. Kelly’s experience as a test pilot helped shape him for his time as an astronaut, as did Col. Gregory’s […]

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Episode 16: “Out There” Author Michael Wall

Michael Wall joined in 2010 as a senior writer reporting on Mars exploration, exoplanet discoveries, astrophysics and space technology. For, Mike has wandered through California’s Mojave Desert with scientists on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity mission and helped launch balloon missions through Earth’s auroras in Alaska. He’s based in San Francisco, where he chronicles […]

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Episode 15: Space Illustrator James Vaughan

Born in 1955, James Vaughan grew up in the idyllic surroundings of a small town near Akron, Ohio. His father was a scientist and director of research for one of America’s largest corporations. His mother was an artist and a poet. Vaughan completed high school a year ahead of his classmates and in 1972 left […]

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