Monthly Archives: August 2019

Episode 36: Flying Along with Captain Mark Hardcastle

Beth Meets Airline Captain Mark Hardcastle and learns: How the air force academy put Mark on the path to a future in aviation. What’s Mark’s favorite plane? (It’s the Cadillac of planes)… Mark explains “The magic of the 4th stripe.” How do we respond when things challenge us?  Mark’s got 60+ years of inspirational stories […]

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Episode 35: Robert Feierbach on Rockets, Balloons and Satellite Access with the Swedish Space Corporation

Robert explains… While the Swedes may not be very braggadocios, they’ve launched more than 650 balloon missions with NASA, JAXA, and others to test things in 50+ kilometer altitudes…and more than 550 rocket launches! They go straight up, 400-700 kilometers, and come right back down, (often in the snow). Launching near the polar north of […]

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