Monthly Archives: September 2019

42: NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber; Commercial Space Entrepreneur and Pioneer

Jeffrey discusses with Beth: How Jeffrey became a entrepreneurial pioneer, becoming one of the first (commercial) space contractors (working on the Russian space program on MIR and Soyuz, and later with the international Space Station). About starting the first commercial space company, NanoRacks and what’s on the horizon for the company’s (international) future… About bringing […]

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41: Soonish with Kelly and Zach Weinersmith

Beth, Kelly and Zach have way too much fun geeking out about: Whether or not we would put an Elon Musk- invented NeuroLink implant in our brains… How Kelly and Zach had to really focus on only 10 technologies for their book, “Soonish” Kelly’s extreme fear of being bored and her many career achievements from […]

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39: Astronomer, Author and Artist Tyler Nordgren

Triple threat Tyler Nordgren and Beth talk about:  Seeing the Great American Solar Eclipse in 2017 and what to expect when in comes back Why our National Parks are a treasure for our observation and appreciation Traveling the world in search of cosmic phenomenon About Tyler: Dr. Tyler Nordgren is a professional astronomer and artist. […]

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