Beth Mund is a highly sought-after vivid and inspirational keynote speaker... and a serious space geek.

My passion is helping you share your ideas with clarity and confidence.  I believe everyone inherently has the ability to communicate effectively, allow me to serve as your technical resource when you are ready to communicate with authenticity and influence.

Beth's  20+ years of experience in speaking & executive speech writing where she has implemented communication strategies with Fortune 500 CEOs, astronauts, government dignitaries, community leaders, educators, business owners and professionals, and students. At Motorola, Allstate, and United Airlines, Beth worked to convey complex technical information to a wide variety of stakeholders, including the public and media.

As an educator, Beth mentored students on successful communication strategies, including interviewing, writing, and speaking skills for new job placement, workplace environments, advanced degree acceptance programs, and has inspired them to communicate with confidence.

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Beth is the founder of her business, Stellar Communications, LLC. She is passionate about helping women in STEM and STEAM speak with clarity and confidence.  


Thank you for your wonderful presentation today. We received many good comments. I will have a hard time getting a better speaker than you in the future. You did a great job and I look forward to hearing you again.

Dick Glade

Thank you for speaking to Girls who Code! Your speech was not only an inspiration to women of STEM, but aspiring to women everywhere.

Gir1 C0de

THANK YOU for doing such an excellent job leading the Fundamentals of Speech course! Your energy and passion for speaking came through each and every class. You are a model of what all leaders and instructors should be.

Rick Ceh

I just wanted to thank you for your great and informative program. Kudos to you for such dedication and determination. We could all take a lesson from you.

Heidi W.


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