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Let’s talk SPACE, and let’s keep it casual: Nothing too technical and stories that inspire.

As a former NASA Public Affairs Officer, I’ll serve as your guide, providing conversations that are both interesting and fun. Each weekly episode brings a new, fresh discussion on a variety of space topics & stories.

The universe is infinite, so there’s always something new to discover. Join us as we embark upon fresh discussions on a variety of space-related topics and stories.

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Casual Space with Beth Mund began in November 2018 and has become THE podcast for space geeks & space enthusiasts everywhere. From impressive guests including engineers, authors, illustrators and even astronauts, Beth provides a family-friendly program where listeners can enjoy an entertaining an inspirational approach to space exploration. From her feature of available “space jobs” to conversations about her work at NASA, current commercial space exploration, and varied topics in between, Beth brings space down to Earth for everyone to enjoy.

Recent Episodes

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48: Mike French from Aerospace Industries Association

    Mike’s love for space exploration runs deep and was influenced by the space movies and museums that he enjoyed as a kid. Now he enjoys watching rocket launches through the eyes of his kids! Mitigating orbital space debris- what does this mean for the future of space and how both governments and private…

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46: Urban Legends from Space with author Bob King

Let’s clear up some space myths with astronomer and author Bob King:  Bob believes incorporating humor and fun is beneficial when learning about space!  The Earth is NOT flat. It’s fun to debunk myths about the Moon, the planets, the stars, gravity…contrails! Did you know Bob King IS the famous blogger AstroBob? Read his posts…

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