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A podcast about the wonders of space. Beth brings us space as it really and truly is, every day in our lives. Beth is a former NASA public affairs officer and shares with us her dream job and its experiences. Beth and her guests explore how space affects your daily life. She tells us the stories and adventures of space that she learned during her time at the Johnson Space Center. In each episode, we will learn about the different jobs that are available right now, and how those jobs will open your world to wonderful intergalactic adventures.


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Episode 6: Wayne Messmer would go to space, but...

In this episode, Beth chats with Wayne about if he would go to Mars or the Moon and watching launches live.

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Episode 7: Through the NASA Lens: A Discussion with NASA Photographer Mark Sowa

In this episode, Beth chats with Mark about combining art and science, and capturing some of NASA's most historic moments.

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Episode 8: We Successfully Landed on Mars (for the 8th time!)

In this episode, Beth talks about the NASA InSight landing on Mars.

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Beth has an amazing presence and great voice. All her guests are wonderful and she makes every conversation fun, informative and inspiring. I'm a space geek in the making and looking forward to more!

Marjorie A.

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