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Episode 8: BONUS EPISODE: InSight Mars Landing Review

 In this episode, Beth discusses: NASA Lands on Mars (earlier this week) with InSight The who, what, where, when and why this Mars mission, and what it means for us on Earth. The excitement of landing in “the most boring place on Mars.” Key Takeaways: Entry and decent are the most critical parts of […]

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If You Can Dance, You Can Deliver: Speaking Beyond the Steps

When you are first learning to do anything, for example a dance, there are usually several basic foundational items the dance requires. However, you may soon find it necessary to learn additional steps, create specific timing, or introduce a different tempo. The dance could also require unique spacing, drawn-out pauses, a special occasion, or even […]

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Why I DIDN’T March for Science

Why I didn’t March for Science and what I DID instead…. Like you, I wanted to march. I wanted to represent. I wanted to let our elected officials know that when we speak the truth, we really are speaking the language of science. So many things kept me from marching on that day- a previous […]

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