Episode 20: Award Winning Sci-Fi Writer C. Stuart Hardwick

In this episode, Beth and Stuart laugh about:

  • The stories from his family that helped inspire him to write “hard sci-fi” 
  • Why going to the moon was really expensive and incredible
  • How writing allows you to learn about people and about yourself 

Key Takeaways:

  • Becoming an award-winning sci-fi writer didn’t happen overnight, but when it happened… wow! 
  • Science can’t answer everything, but reality is the standard

“All stories are about people. I look for what fits my technical knowledge, but mostly I look for characters.” “Anybody who can’t take rejection, should not be in a creative field.”       “As a science fiction author, my primary goal in a story is to reveal the reader, and learn something about yourself.” 

About C. Stuart Hardwick: 

 Stuart Hardwick is a winner of the prestigious Writers of the Future contest and the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award. His work regularly appears in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, as well as Galaxy’s Edge, Forbes.com and Mental Floss, among others. A southerner from South Dakota, Stuart grew up creating radio dramas and animated shorts before moving on to robots and ill-conceived flying machines. He’s worked with the creators of the video game Doom, married an aquanaut, and trained his dog to pull a sled.

Stuart studied writing at U.C. Berkeley, lives in Houston, and has been known to wear a cape. For more information and a free signed e-sampler, visit www.cStuartHardwick.com.