Episode 35: Robert Feierbach on Rockets, Balloons and Satellite Access with the Swedish Space Corporation


Robert explains…

  • While the Swedes may not be very braggadocios, they’ve launched more than 650 balloon missions with NASA, JAXA, and others to test things in 50+ kilometer altitudes…and more than 550 rocket launches! They go straight up, 400-700 kilometers, and come right back down, (often in the snow).
  • Launching near the polar north of Sweden allows balloons with experiments and materials to hover in very low wind environments…it’s ideal for items that need to be exposed to and tested in space-like environments.
  • Robert describes what a successful mission looks like from start to finish when a payload “flies” with the Swedish Space Corporation.
  • Robert reminds up about the NEW space industry and how it’s projected to grow from the billion dollar market ($$) to a trillion dollar market ($$$$$$$) due to cheaper, smaller satellites, and all the materials and resources that will allow for more access to space.

“Things are so much cheaper now to launch….things that are low cost drive innovation, because you don’t have to design something to death, and test it to death, you just design it for a life of 2-3 years, and then you build a brand new one with better tech and launch it again, and launch it again.”

Robert Feierbach

About Robert:

Robert works as a high-tech executive, expanding international markets for satellite technologies, video/IP/IoT data networks, rocket launch systems and hypersonic flight. He has extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry, and he’s a satellite & space expert. Robert loves all things technology, aircraft and automobiles.  By the way, Robert is fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian. …


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