Episode 37: NASA Mission Control Flight Director Ed Van Cise


From Space Camp to Mission Control! Ed shares with Beth:

  • Becoming a Space Camp Hall of Fame Honoree and meeting his childhood hero astronaut Charlie Duke
  • Details regarding the many job responsibilities the NASA Mission Control Flight Director has, getting to crew to space safely and back home safely is always the first priority.
  • Big and small success that are worth celebrating- and learning from- during days/ nights on the International Space Station

“Let me dispel a myth, you don’t have to have an engineering degree to sit in mission control, to sit at a counsel that’s responsible for power systems, you don’t have to be an electrical engineer either. You will need a lot of reading, teamwork, communications skills, then on to a mission control boot camp with integrated simulations and eventually you will get certified for working in mission control. And you keep on learning as you’re working in mission control. No day is the same”

Ed Van Cise

About Ed:

Right Stuff” recipient Ed Van Cise knew before his trip to Space Camp® that NASA would be the where of his future. But it was Apollo 16 Moonwalker Charlie Duke’s presentation at Camp that led him to the how and what. Van Cise left that week knowing that he wanted to be an Aerospace Engineer, and eventually work at Johnson Space Center in Mission Control. And not long after, that is exactly where he was. Van Cise committed to his path and is currently the 78th Flight Director in NASA’s history.

Since taking the call sign “Carbon Flight,” Ed has worked as Lead Flight Director for several different aspects of the International Space Station. Edward Van Cise methodically pursued his dream, earning awards and commendations for leadership, as well as respect from his peers. He continues that dream, today, fully dedicated to NASA and the future of human space exploration.


Where to find Ed Van Cise: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi_9j25Niv2NBm7L3pqbKrIkSdR53UeF9

and more information about NASA Flight Directors and Mission Control: