38: NASA Successes from Failures, PART 1


In this two-part series, RSE Dean Mikolajczyk shares several examples of how NASA learned valuable lessons from manned spaceflight mistakes including: 

(Part 2 will feature manned flights and will be posted January 2020)

  • What we learned from the Surveyer Program (the very first unmanned lunar landers)
  • Mars Polar Lander (just a bit of a fast landing)
  • Mars Express (this lesson really hurts) and
  • The most recent Moon lander mission: Israel’s nearly-successful, almost first-ever private moon lander “Beresheet”

As always, expect to enjoy the expertise and fun facts presented from Dean Mikolajczyk, the show’s “Resident Space Expert” as he shares powerful examples of what makes space exploration so challenging when it comes to unmanned missions. This “back-to-school” episode is all about the most difficult kind of learning– learning from our mistakes.

Even our nation’s space agency, with more than 60+ years of missions, continues to learn valuable lessons from space exploration.

So pay attention! There will be a quiz.


About Dean:

  • BS Technical Photography
  • MS Astrophysics 
  • NASA MER Mars program
  • NASA Public Relations
  • Astronomy instructor & lecturer

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