Space itself may be cold, but space exploration doesn’t need to be. Beth Mund combines her passion for space with her gift of reaching the heart of what matters. The result? A keynote speaker who humanizes space exploration and shows every audience member how to apply this sense of curiosity and exploration to problem-solve in new ways, create stronger connections to the mission of their organization, and elevate their overall work.

About Beth

Beth delivers contagious enthusiasm and unabashed space geekery, drawing on her experience as the former Public Affairs Officer for NASA and more than 20+ years of speaking and executive speech writing.

From US Space Camp attendee to Space Academy instructor, Beth’s passion for space exploration and future- forward innovations has never waned. As an International Space Station Communications Officer and official NASA spokesperson – the first person answering the phones during the Columbia disaster – Beth faced the task of conveying highly technical information in a way that was relatable, clear, and human.

Since then, Beth has gone on to wow audiences across the nation with her captivating keynotes and workshops, bringing listeners on a journey through the final frontier, leaving them filled with wonder, enthusiasm, and inspired ideas to implement within their own organizations.

As the host of the weekly podcast, Casual Space, Beth is dedicated to bringing the stories from the space exploration industry to her ever-growing community of students, businesses, investors and space enthusiasts. Beth’s guests include engineers, authors, astronauts and industry leaders, sharing space exploration events and perspectives with listeners from around the world.

“I’ve been a space enthusiast my entire life. Working at NASA gave me a front-seat view of how space exploration, and exploration in general, is such a crucial element in how we progress and move forward. The abundance of benefits we have implemented here on Earth as a result of our nation’s space program is just the beginning!

Serving as our nation’s space agency’s spokesperson allowed me to gain a unique perspective; everyone is part of the mission– the person tightening bolts is just as important to the mission as the person sitting in the cockpit. I love sharing those lessons with audiences and being able to witness the moment when everyday complacency turns into a sense of wonder, excitement, and connection – inspired by space- that they can infuse into everything they do. Audiences leave with a fresh sense of purpose and a closer connection to the big picture — it’s rocket fuel for your organizational goals.”


“Thank you for speaking to Girls who Code! Your speech was not only an inspiration to women of STEM, but aspiring to women everywhere.”

~Gir1 C0de