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Let’s talk SPACE, and let’s keep it casual: Nothing too technical and stories that inspire.

As a former NASA Public Affairs Officer, I’ll serve as your guide, providing conversations that are both interesting and fun. Each weekly episode brings a new, fresh discussion on a variety of space topics & stories.

The universe is infinite, so there’s always something new to discover. Join us as we embark upon fresh discussions on a variety of space-related topics and stories.

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Casual Space with Beth Mund began in November 2018 and has become THE podcast for space geeks & space enthusiasts everywhere. From impressive guests including engineers, authors, illustrators and even astronauts, Beth provides a family-friendly program where listeners can enjoy an entertaining an inspirational approach to space exploration. From her feature of available “space jobs” to conversations about her work at NASA, current commercial space exploration, and varied topics in between, Beth brings space down to Earth for everyone to enjoy.

Recent Episodes

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74: Jennifer Inman Helps Spacecraft Reenter Earth with SCIFLI 

        Jennifer Inman helps spacecraft enter the atmospheres of other worlds. She and the Scientifically Calibrated In-FLight Imagery (SCIFLI) team use a bunch of instruments on board a plane while it’s flying, follow a space vehicle’s reentry that’s traveling thousands of miles an hour (think Mach 25) from space back to Earth and…

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73: International Space Station Science Communicator Rachel Barry

          Rachel is from a newspaper family and started as a journalist, teacher, freelancer and exceptional writer. Then, Rachel joined Twitter, and started writing about NASA missions and soon became a storyteller and science ambassador for the International Space Station at NASA Johnson Space Center. Her official title is Communications Managing…

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72: Air and Space Law with Attorney Rebekah Rounds

        The Outer Space Treaty is vague. Rebekah believes there’s a way to encourage the international community and develop education to balance opportunities for everyone to use and benefit from the resources space can provide.  We talk Space Force, NASA, private space companies, international and domestic treaties and everything in between. When…

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