Exploration. Inspiration. Keynote Speaking to Leave Attendees in Awe.

Beth Mund changes audience’s perspectives through the lens of space exploration. Through Beth’s keynote speaking, audiences learn how exploring — being curious, asking how and why – changes everything, especially your perspective.

Why Book Beth

  • You need that “wow” factor and a unique perspective your audience can’t get anywhere else.
  • You need results from a keynote speaker who can entertain your audience and ignite their enthusiasm.
  • You need a seasoned professional and who can read any size room and quickly win over even the most conference-fatigued crowd.
  • You need a speaker who can tailor the message to fit your goals – both for your event and for your organization.

Bonus points if space and space-related geekery are already the inside language of your attendees, but Beth brings out the space enthusiast in everyone.


Lessons Learned from NASA; A Space Geek’s Story of Love and Adventure

This is Beth’s most requested and popular keynote. Stunning photos from the International Space Station, along with Beth’s NASA favorite photos of Earth fill this presentation with all the wonder one would expect from a space enthusiast. But getting to NASA wasn’t easy and serving as a spokesperson for our nation’s space agency during the tragic loss of Columbia and her crew provided lessons we can still learn from today. This narrative will have audiences of all ages laughing, crying, and eager to explore their own universe.

What Happens When We Talk About Space?

Diversity. Inclusion. Innovation. These are just small stars when it comes to the universe of possibilities! When we watch, listen to or experience stories about space, we dream a little larger, and maybe even invent, create, or solve something the future has been waiting for. Examples of space story “ideas” turned into real-life innovations are abundant in this keynote. Beth details how each of us can bridge the gap between what inspires us, to discover what we’re capable of creating for our future success. This keynote is a perfect fit for organizations, teams, and companies who value innovative ideas future-forward thinking.

Women of NASA

Being the first. Being the best. Being brave. Being a female explorer. In this program, Beth walks you through the incredible women who overcame challenges and discovered their rightful place within the stars. From our “Hidden Figures” to today’s NASA Astronaut commercial crews, there are incredible women to showcase. In this keynote, both men and women will leave with a deep appreciation for ALL of our “first” space explorers, along with a new sense of endless possibility. Let this program take you on a journey, as Beth empowers, ignites, and leaves your attendees prepared to overcome any challenge set before them. This program is perfect for any organization that values strong, smart women.

Each keynote is tailored to your audience and will be discussed prior to booking. Additional keynotes not listed here are available – get in touch for more details!


“Bright, Knowledgeable, Widely-varied insights from an Experienced & Easy-To-Understand Science Professional!”

~Richard Boesen