When you need a voice over artist for scientific or technical work, not just anybody will do.

Beth Mund’s highly technical experience at NASA allows her to interpret and convey detailed scientific and technical stories with ease, accuracy, and laser-precise emphasis. This has made her an in-demand voice over artist for many authors in the scientific and technical community.

And while her knowledge may be highly technical, her warm, rich, and clear voice is anything but impersonal or dry, adding a welcoming, human touch to the work she’s done with full-length Audible books, be they non-fiction or fiction (including science fiction publications).

“Beth Mund is a real voice-over pro. She’s quick to adapt to any voice over project we have… commercials, audiobooks, podcast liners. I highly recommend her for any voice over project you have.”

– David Wolf, Podcast Producer, audiobook producer, nationally syndicated radio host

Want to hear Beth for yourself? Check out her weekly podcast, Casual Space, where she adds warmth and wit to her conversations with visionaries and leaders in the fields of space, science, and technology.


“I just wanted to thank you for your great and informative program. Kudos to you for such dedication and determination. We could all take a lesson from you.”

~Heidi W.